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Ok... I know; it was bound to happen at some point: I MADE A MEME. This one is something of a fanart, based on…

Sunstone is 
:iconshiniez: 's fantastic webcomic, definitely worth a read.

The "Mature Content" label is due to the nature of Sunstone, not this specific piece.

Aeeryn Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
oh dahling...this is too funny!!!!
Day100 - Squealing Day100 - Squealing 
:D (Big Grin) 
Sings-With-Spirits Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015
Reposting from the link: funny, true story:

100% true story that happened today in my office:

So there I am, sitting at my desk, trying to look busy studying documents for a project that I happen to know for a fact will be cancelled before Friday, when one of the secretaries of my department (recently reconstituted from several gutted agencies, so we don’t really know each other so well) comes around with a big ol’ box o’ cookies, offering them to everyone in my section. When she comes up to me, I innocently ask what kind of cookies they are and she replies: “shibari cookies”.

Now, keep in mind that I’m one of the youngest in my department… and I’m a grandmother. One of the other analysts goes: “ooh! How exotic! They’re really delicious!” like she has a clue as to what has just been said, while another agrees with her.

I assess the woman offering the cookies and note the “prank-in-motion” grin on her face Giggle; she knows what it means and is having fun with the clueless drones… I had to make sure she knew I am not anyone’s unwilling prey.

“I prefer kinbaku cookies myself,” I said as I opened a drawer, pulled out a coiled length of phone cord and put it in the center of my desk; “I’d have no problem sharing a few recipes with you.” 

I’m not sure if it was my own predatory grin or if it was the way in which I held the coil of phone cord, but she turned between three and five dozen shades of pale: “Y-you *like* shibari cookies?!?”:o (Eek) 

“Dah-ling…” I said in exaggerated tones, “…my husband, God rest his soul, was a GREAT cook. Better than a chef, actually. He taught me how to cook. Real. Real. Good.” I started rummaging through my desk, pulling stuff out and putting it on the desktop as I inventoried out loud: “…post-its… masking tape… binder clips… can’t have enough of those… don’t worry, I can cook up a recipe right…” I looked up “…here?” but she was already out the work area, headed for the door at top speed, leaving a few bewildered co-workers staring dumbfounded at what was impossibly incomprehensible for their innocent, plain vanilla missionary minds. 

“What’s going on with her?” asked one of them.
“Who knows?” I replied. “But she’s gonna need to find the supply closet soon.”
“Good place to score free batteries. Don’t you watch the ads on TV?”

Yup, they didn’t get that joke either.Sweating a little...
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August 5, 2015
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